A profound lesson…


Yesterday we had a discussion with our teacher about the word “Asante” which means ‘thank you’.  He was telling us how they rarely speak it because it is an action word.  People SHOW their gratitude by their actions.  
I was always taught to say thank you… I thought about what he was saying and even considered this a RUDE aspect of this new culture.
Today in class we were doing verb tenses and a bunch of other grammar mumbo jumbo.  Honestly I am trying hard to focus.  Then he brought up  that verb tense or class or something and put that same word  “Asante” with the word for “try” – “jaribu”. the word for “think” – “fikiri”  and the word for  “forgive or forgiven”-  “samehe”.  In each of these cases the African people did not have words for these… They were actions not words.  It wasn’t until the Arabic influence that the actions were given spoken words.
I found this stirring in my heart.  He went on to explain… You don’t say you will try… You try.  You don’t say you are grateful or thankful, you show it by your actions. You don’t say you are or will think about something – you think about it.  You don’t say you forgive, you show it.  And then he elaborated with an example for the next in his thick Swahili accent… You don’t say you are forgiven by Jesus… You show it with the change in your life day after day.
Wow!!!!  Jesus loves me. Jesus thinks about me. Jesus forgave me.  And He showed this by dying on a cross and paying the penalty of my sin. He continues to show this by giving me a Hope that truly anchors my soul.
Now….  Just how am I going to say thank you?  Speak it? Say some words for what can only be really and sincerely expressed by my actions?
Lord Jesus…  Fill me with Your Holy Spirit… I want to want to….  and I do desire to show You how eternally grateful I am!

Wiki Mbili (Week Two)

Hujambo, habari za Jumapili?  Jana habari za Kanisa?  Jana tu li kwenda Kanisa na Mchungaga Petero.  Mchungaga Petero ni walimu.

Greetings, how are you, how was your Sunday?  How was church yesterday?  We went to church with Pastor Peter.  Pastor Peter is our teacher.

We are beginning our second week of language school.  Phew!!!  For the first three weeks we only go half day.  We are generally exhausted.  Praise God they ease us in.

Several afternoons we have taken a trip to the market. This is where we buy our fruits and vegetables, eggs and milk.   It’s two miles away and pretty much up hill the whole way.  The road is rough.  Between the altitude, our lack of shape and the terrain – it makes for quite a workout.


We have chosen to stay in this afternoon.  This is good and has allowed me to get a bit more organized with ministry business that we have needed to tend to or at least think on.

I have just started 1 John in my tea time with Jesus.  That is where I will be teaching from next month at the CC Women’s Conference in Nairobi.  I love how John states his purpose in verse 3 – that which we have seen and heard we declare to you, that you also may have fellowship with us; and truly our fellowship is with the Father and His Son Jesus Christ.

As I read that this morning and again this afternoon – I find my heart crying out to see and hear more of HIM.  To those God crosses my path with – I want to declare from experience, from true fellowship – all that God has done and is doing.

Have you ever met someone that just radiates Jesus?  From their speech, to their actions, in their eyes and their smile – you just see the love of Jesus cover and flow from them.  The fruit of HIS Spirit is abundant… love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, kindness, goodness, faithfulness and self control…  there is no mistake they walk in the Spirit.

That is my prayer.  That through this journey, through the difficulty of separation, the challenge of new language and culture, the uncertainly of tomorrow, that through all this, we are brought in closer and closer to our Lord and that the fragrance of Christ is sweet and powerful in our lives.

Please continue this week to pray for our learning.  Pray for our energy and acclimation to the altitude and terrain.  Pray for wisdom in use of our time.  Pray for a filling of HIS SPIRIT and equipping of His power.

We love you all so much.  We are praying regularly for you individually and collectively.  Please keep us posted as to how we can pray specifically.



Our bags are packed, we’re ready to go…

We have had a wonderful time with family and friends.  Our SAULGOOD STAYCATION was fantastic, loads of fun, and sweet time with the kids.

We are exhausted.  And I seem to be fighting some kind of bug.  But we are as ready as we are gonna get ;))

We’ve said goodbye to many wonderful special dear people…  I hugged my daddy’s neck tonight really really tight…  we have many goodbyes tomorrow morning and then…  at 10:30am….

We’re leaving… on a jet plane….

Keep us in your prayers!