A profound lesson…


Yesterday we had a discussion with our teacher about the word “Asante” which means ‘thank you’.  He was telling us how they rarely speak it because it is an action word.  People SHOW their gratitude by their actions.  
I was always taught to say thank you… I thought about what he was saying and even considered this a RUDE aspect of this new culture.
Today in class we were doing verb tenses and a bunch of other grammar mumbo jumbo.  Honestly I am trying hard to focus.  Then he brought up  that verb tense or class or something and put that same word  “Asante” with the word for “try” – “jaribu”. the word for “think” – “fikiri”  and the word for  “forgive or forgiven”-  “samehe”.  In each of these cases the African people did not have words for these… They were actions not words.  It wasn’t until the Arabic influence that the actions were given spoken words.
I found this stirring in my heart.  He went on to explain… You don’t say you will try… You try.  You don’t say you are grateful or thankful, you show it by your actions. You don’t say you are or will think about something – you think about it.  You don’t say you forgive, you show it.  And then he elaborated with an example for the next in his thick Swahili accent… You don’t say you are forgiven by Jesus… You show it with the change in your life day after day.
Wow!!!!  Jesus loves me. Jesus thinks about me. Jesus forgave me.  And He showed this by dying on a cross and paying the penalty of my sin. He continues to show this by giving me a Hope that truly anchors my soul.
Now….  Just how am I going to say thank you?  Speak it? Say some words for what can only be really and sincerely expressed by my actions?
Lord Jesus…  Fill me with Your Holy Spirit… I want to want to….  and I do desire to show You how eternally grateful I am!

7 thoughts on “A profound lesson…

  1. What a beautiful and meaningful post, Kari. God bless you as you learn more about your new extended family and their language. I love you and miss you. Miss your sweet face and your countenance. You are loved my friend and as we all pray for you here back home, I know the Lord is blessing you and Randy beyond measure. All is well. JoAnn

  2. I am loving your blogs….it’s great to hear what is happening with you 2 and through you 2! Boy, sitting back home, working from my home office and reading your words I think “what am I doing or not doing with my life to make a difference…..” By your words and your actions (as stated by your teacher) you are most likely stirring something up in many people…looking forward to hearing and growing with you on your journey and to see what changes it may bring in others, me in particular…Bless you both, prayers for your lessons that the light bulb just clicks and you got it!
    Love ya girl!!

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