Who’s the MAN?

We left Kisii Town at 6pm last night, which is just barely enough time to make it back up to the village before dark.  While still in town, the sky opened up and the rains were falling hard.  As we traveled the outskirts of this storm,, weaving in and out as the road twists… We quickly realized it would be a long drive with great need for caution, even greater need for God’s protection.

I’m not allowed to watch the road on good days… I knew now not to even glance out the side window.  So, I literally prayed.  “Jesus, take the wheel!”  That made me laugh until I was thrown back into thought with a weave of the car!  Eiyamasina!

We made it to the village road, took a deep breath, turned off the Tarmac, switched into 4 WD and began to slip and slide.  A very short distance we came upon several stuck cars, all piled up, two cars and a truck.  We sat for a bit but soon realized they were long off getting out.  For good reason, we want to be in the house by dark.  Dark was fast approaching.    There was no passing so Randy carefully turned the car and headed back to the Tarmac to enter the mountain from Kenyena, a town about 5 mile further.

This is NOT a preferred route on dry days.  The road is wide… IF it were laid out flat… but… its not.  It is driving on a maybe 6 ft wide ridge with steep shoulders.  Now add the slickness and crazy slippery layer of new mud.  <inhale deep breath…. and hold>

I tried not to watch…. but I decided I needed the visual… for my prayers.  We past another pile up, this time with a bus.  How and why would a bus EVER come up these roads??  I could feel the wheels slip beneath us as we kept moving.  Finally we came to Kenyena town.  This town is crazy and the rain only made it crazier.  We made the muddy turn around the market and I thanked God.

As soon as we made the turn maybe 50 yards… a large truck… The back having slipped off the shoulder and the front wheels suspended in air.  Ah man… This is not good.  I saw Randy’s mind turning.  NO WAY Randy!  We can’t make it.  He did not even reply – but got out of the car and walked over to assess the situation.

Assess the situation?????  I’ll assess it for you… NO WAY!

He gets back in the car and promptly says “I can do this”.  I immediately looked down… And start praying.  By now its dark.  “This is not the town we want to be stranded in.  Who will we call?  Oh Lord, please guide him!  God, do You  see that drop off?  Do You see the truck hanging there?  Oh God, please drive this car!!”

I wasn’t looking… but shortly after I felt the car begin to move, I felt the tilt as the car drove into the ravine, on an angle I’ve only seen on those commercials of rugged trucks and the terrain they were made to drive on.  I don’t think our car was in that commercial.

Suddenly, Rand made that never-grow-out-of-boyish grunt/laugh/hoot that no woman can duplicate.  Similar to the Tim Allen grunt. The car drove beneath the wheels of the overturn truck which only increased the volume of the (at the moment) very annoying  – victorious man-cry.

I felt the car level out and then Randy proclaims… Arghgh… I am a KENYAN DRIVER!!!  I have unmatched skills!!

First… Why does this man continue to think being a Kenyan driver is anything to be proud of, strive for or even boast in???

Second….  I turned to him and said, you didn’t do it!  He replied, come on, admit it, I’m the man!


I simply told him, “you had NOTHING to do with it and you better be praising God.  Don’t touch HIS GLORY!!!!   Randy, you better be careful…. Pride comes before the fall!”

So, he “said” praise God, but I knew that pride was speeding his adrenaline.

The road into our village was so slippery… We slid all over the place.  We finally made it to our lane, made the turn and saw all those tiny arms waving like mad.. In the rain!!!  Our sweet little friends.  “Umerudi, umerudi!!!”  You have returned!  You are late tonight, they told us!  Oh I love these children and their illuminating white smiles!

Well, my normally humble husband continue to boast of his skilled, unmatched driving. As Abraham stood in the rain, now just a drizzle, holding open the gate, Randy STOPS and proceeds to tell of his “skillful’ journey.  He went on and on and on – I just thought to myself, Abraham probably understands about 10% of what you are saying and that 10% wants out of the rain!

We got in the house and he promptly says… You need to blog about that trip… That was crazy!

Mmm hmmm… Well I want to write about my day.

“Well, you will need to write it tomorrow.”

So… Tomorrow came… New day, new mercies!  A beautiful day after the hard rains!  Our friends Derrick and Faith knocked on the door at 7:30 with flowers hand!  They know I love flowers and they bless me often.

We had just a short time before we had to leave to travel back to Kisii for our Saturday class.  Randy sat and had chai with the kids and I snuck out the back to load up the car.  About the third trip out, I saw it….

Ohhhhhhh Raaaandddddyyyyy…..  (aka – The Man)

 photo (2)
 photo (3)



photo (4)

tell me…  WHO’s the MAN????

God at Work

This morning I woke up at – what is becoming normal – around 4:45 to the first crows of the rooster. I’m usually up for good – this might have to do with the “lights out” when the sun goes down. I’m okay with this – I’ve always been an early to bed, early to rise – albeit this is even early for me!


I have been using my early mornings to pray and intercede – usually for my family during this time. Then I get up just before dawn, and by candle light, I prepare some breakfast, usually a hard boiled egg and a banana.

Then I have my quiet time and I begin with a devotional given to me by a very sweet lady in our church, just before we left to come to Africa. Voices of the Faithful, a daily devotional written by missionaries from across the world. I even ordered a box and passed them out before I left. I will confess I’ve had to read a couple at a time recently but it is definitely the FIRST daily devotional I have actually STILL been reading in July!


So – today – the devotion was about a young girl in this missionary’s village who had brought a neighbor to church. After the service they were given time to introduce any guests and as this young girl was introducing hers, the neighbor leaned over to whisper in her ear. With a huge grin, the young girl announced that her neighbor wanted to receive Jesus. The church went silent as she walked to a prayer partner who led her in prayer. When he was finished he said “AMEN” just a bit louder. The church broke into spontaneous cheering, song, praise and celebration. The missionary pondered the celebration and rejoicing happening that very moment in heaven.

This devotional made me desire that celebration. I even posted the devotion this morning on FB, as I was praying for opportunity. As I read through Colossians again this morning, I continued thinking, God, reveal Yourself today!!!

So – we loaded up and took the 80 minute drive to Suneka, a village on the other side of Kisii Town. I was starting another class with the women there today! I was excited to have this chance again.

For three hours, 15 women crammed into this little room, with each wall covered in mismatched lace, flowers hanging from the rafters and the two tables covered with cloths that remind me of something my grandmother would have had.

We had a remarkable time in the WORD. We introduced Paul’s letter to the Colossians, listened to it read in Kiswahili by a great program I found and then, we began to look at the book inductively. I spent a good amount of time today, introducing and sharing about myself, my love for God’s Word and why I love this book. I shared about my family and my church back home. All this I can do in Kiswahili and the women love to hear me fumble through that. Then, we looked at how being IN CHRIST is all we need. We look at how the FULLNESS OF GOD is available to those who believe. We skirted over the book and God stirred in each of us an excitement of what He has in store for us over the next couple months.

As we were finishing, Randy came to the door. He peeked his head in and excused himself for interrupting and ushered two women in. “These ladies would like some prayer.” We welcomed them in. Karibu sana!

One of these women wanted prayer for a husband. She wants to be married. The other wanted prayer for her husband, stating he needed to know Jesus. Through my interpreter I shared a few things, and then my interpreter turns to them and asks – “are you saved? Have you ever repented of your sins and asked Jesus to be your Savior?” To my surprise both of them said no.

Without thinking, I asked, “why then do you want your husband to be saved? Why would you come here asking for prayer to a God you don’t know? You know your husband needs salvation, do you not realize you too need to be saved?” She began to cry.

What happened next is hard to explain, but the Holy Spirit filled that room as these two women literally fell to their knees. The prayers were in Kiswahili, the questions and answers were as well, but what I witnessed was salvation… salvation and celebration and rejoicing and singing.



Just this morning, I asked God to reveal HIMSELF, to let me see Him at work… and… in HIS A-MA-ZING faithfulness – He totally answered my prayer! What’s more, I watched the women I had just sat with for 3 hours, sharing the very scriptures from their notes that we had gone over in our study. Telling these ladies they were new creations in Christ. Then, they were given a piece of paper, with references to my favorite prayers in all of scripture – the four of Paul’s in Ephesians, Philippians and in Colossians. The women were telling these two they needed to pray for their husbands… both the one that had one and the one that wanted one. THEN — they assigned the ladies a partner that will tend to them and make certain they are in church on Sunday and will be sure they join us next week!!!!!

This was my day today… a witness to the miracle of salvation… a part of the celebration with the angels… allowed to be a part of God at Work!!!!

He knows my name

So I’ve met many many people as we make a point to walk thru the village as often as we can. That’s life here, greeting, visiting and greeting some more. And Africans don’t just give you a nod and ask how you are, all while walking past so quickly that the question isn’t finished before you are headed in opposite directions… Let alone an answer. OH No, greetings are very important in African culture.

So the greeting… I love! I’ve always enjoyed that but I’ve always been bad with names. I confess I rarely get my kids’ names right. But I usually remember faces and details of conversations and of our lives we share. Back home, I get around the name thing… And as one of the youth wrote in a “going away” book, I know LOTS of people named “sweetie”.

When I got here, everyone looks the same to me. And before that tilts someone with gasps, ah, these beautiful black people say the same thing about mazungas (white people). And they say Asians are even harder to tell a difference. Hmmm, not sure on that, “my Asians” are easily distinguishable. ;))

Anyways, I was praying and asking God to help me to know the faces of my neighbors. Help me to remember the tidbits of their lives that they share. And Lord, help me remember my new friends’ names!!

As I prayed for this, I was reminded of a song…

I have a Maker
He formed my heart
Before even time began
My life was in his hands

I have a Father
He calls me His own
He’ll never leave me
No matter where I go

He knows my name
He knows my every thought
He sees each tear that falls
And He hears me when I call

Does it bowl you over? It does me! I mean, the Creator of the Universe… He KNOWS me!!

Not only does He know me…

But He has forgiven my sins… Setting it as far as the East is from the West…. I want to forgive like that.

When I pray… He leans in, bends His ear… to hear me…. I want to listen like that!

He loves me with a Love unconditional! I want to love like that!

And then I thought about the faces… Then I thought about HIS FACE!!!! Then I thought about one day soon seeing HIM – face to face!!

This is my hope, not obscured hope but secured hope!! And I want that hope for my new friends I enjoy greeting so much… LORD JESUS… Reveal Yourself to me, in me, through me… May I be a Light that takes the hand of my new friend, Sweetie, and with haste, may I usher her to YOU!!!!!