I’m my daddy’s princess…. And it’s all good!!!

I am a daddy’s girl!

Yep, at fifty something… I am and have always been a daddy’s girl!

I know this because the last time I saw him, just before leaving to return to Africa… as I cried in his strong loving arms and as he whispered… “I love you”… I knew in my heart… that all is good!

You see… there are many men who ‘have’ children… but not as many who are fathers and daddies…. Like mine.

I remember as a little girl, my daddy would come home from work and lie down on the floor in the living room, listening to the stereo, I would cuddle safely beneath his arm and I would know… it was good!

As a young child, my dad would take us all to church every Sunday. I would run off to my Sunday school class and at the end of the morning, he would summon us to quickly load up the car so we might go to my Nanny’s for Sunday dinner. He would always take a nap in the middle room and again, I would snuggle just a bit before running off to play… and I knew all was good!

As I watched my daddy grow in Christ, with a commitment to serve Him, to share His Truth and the simple gift of forgiveness and salvation… living his faith before this young girl… it was good!

I’m sorry to say there were far too many times that I disobeyed, I disappointed, I grieved the heart of my daddy… and as I would come to him in shame, he would take me in his arms, sometimes with tears, he would tell me he loved me and with forgiveness he would urge me to walk in the right way. I would walk away having experienced both mercy and grace…. And it was so good.

I remember wanting a man like my daddy. I wanted to marry someone just like him… and I did. As I walked down that aisle, a young teenaged girl, my arm tightly wrapped in my daddy’s, he kissed this nervous bride, his little princess… and it was good.

I soon watched my husband become a father once, then twice and he was incredible with our boys. I prayed and asked God for a little girl… someone who, with adoring eyes, would look on her daddy, would see my husband… just like I see my daddy. Well she came… and she does… and it is so good!

I am now watching my little boy, my first born, as he loves, nurtures and is training my grandbabies in the things of the Lord… and it is good!

So, as I see these ‘daddies’ in my life… I thank, I praise and I call out to my Almighty Heavenly Father, my Abba…. The Giver of every good thing… and I think… what manner of love has He lavished on me… that he would call me HIS child… I think on how blessed I am and I KNOW it is good!!!

So, today, Daddy, know that I love you and I have always loved being your princess! And, I thank God for the how you have shown and demonstrated to me the love of our Lord… faithfully, unconditionally, consistently, and how you have taught me to KNOW… that He is so so good… all the time!

Happy Father’s Day,
Your Princess