77 days…

So conversations are including more and more…  discussion of plans.  Vacations, arrivals of babies, business ventures, birthdays, ministry plans…  and the thing is….  they now go beyond January 3rd.  <<DEEP DEEP BREATH>>

I’ve been reading in Acts and the many times that God gives direction with just the first step or two.  I see how when those directions were obeyed – God did amazing and powerful things.  I see entire nations and peoples changed by the initial obedience of one man.  I don’t know what God is planning entirely, I really don’t know His plan much beyond getting on that plane – but He seems to be reminding me with every turn — He has a plan, He is in control and that He is faithful!

We have been so blessed by our Missions Class.  We have learned an awful lot and have been encouraged to see that God has already led us in the very steps that are recommended.

Our care team is forming.  The website is being worked on.  We will be purchasing tickets this week.  We are packing up and working on the house.  We are thinking of the things we need to take with us, and that which we will get there.  We are crossing things off the once long and daunting “to do” list.

God is lining up our PRAYER SUPPORT.  That is exciting to watch. As people commit to pray for us, I find myself filled with anticipation.  Especially as I read through Acts and see all that our Lord did with and through men and women who were simply available.  Our Home Fellowship is in Ephesians right now, I see that the very power that raised Jesus from the dead – is at work in me!  In Esther on Wednesday nights, we see God used a young Jewish woman’s circumstance and her obedience to save a nation. In Matthew on Sunday mornings, and as my son taught this weekend, I was reminded “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

I see all these reminders of GOD’s faithfulness and I find that in my deep breaths, that God is pulling me in closer and that I am growing more and more excited to see what HE has planned!

The countdown continues….




Randy and I along with – Jorge, Jacob, Derrick, Andrew & Chase…

An extra blessing….

Randy & I have been blessed through the years by the other children God has passed through our home, sat at our dinner table, joined in the SAULGOOD conversations….

Even as our own kids have grown and moved on to have their own dinner tables… God continues to give us young people that touch our hearts with their sweet love.  Over a year ago we met a young man who’s parents actually came by the church to check us out as their son was moving to Clearwater, had been signed on with Toronto Blue Jays (SPORTS-an INSTANT SaulGood connection) and they were do just what I would have done – look for and praying for “family” connections.

OH what a blessing Jacob has been, he and his buddies.  We’ve had feta burger days, lasagna nites, fish bowl competitions, music class…  they’ve been a part of our worship and fellowship at church, they have blessed us much.

Well, in their position – they are always aware they can be moved or reassigned at any time.  Last night that happen to Derrick.  Derrick is a young man who recently really gave his life to Jesus.  He has grown much this year as the baseball guys along with Andrew from CCPH discipled and encouraged him.  He’s been Jacob’s roommate and he has a smile that makes you smile yourself.

Last night – we got a call around 10:00 that Derrick was being sent home to rehab an injury….  TODAY!  One thing he had wanted to do but has been delayed because of his injury – was to be baptized.  Soooo…  the first thing he did when he got the news was call Andrew (the Worship leader at CCPH that lives with us) to come and do the honors).  Randy, Kasi and I jump at the chance and followed.

May I just say that God’s blessings pour and pour and pour…  please join me in praying for Derrick as he returns home to Iowa a CHANGED MAN.  Pray that God will open the eyes of his understanding and pour out wisdom, knowledge and the revelation of just how much his Savior loves him!!!!


85 days till takeoff….

OCTOBER!!!!!!  What????

When I was a kid I learned the days of the week and the months and the seasons of the year on a wall calendar that I can vividly recall.  I just remember that when we moved to the column that started with OCTOBER – that we were soon sliding into the holidays and into a new year…..   THE CHANGE OF SEASON…..

THIS October came with a breathtaking evening.  Last Monday we gathered with our “CARE TEAM”.  We had invited all from our church to be a part of this team that will commit to support this mission through prayer, logistics, giving and encouragement.  NOT just the part of the team that is traveling to Kenya – but the entire team that will seek GOD in every detail along the way.  These have committed to fervently pray for the mission, the people, the provision, for protection, equipping and anything else God impresses on their heart.

While we are beyond HUMBLED that over 50 people attended and made this commitment, we are moved to see how many that God is inviting to be a part of this work.

We are working on a website now that will serve as our primary communication.  We are continuing to meet on the financial budgeting and will post those specific needs soon.  We have begun collecting for the mission through CC Palm Harbor.  This will switch to Shepherd Staff in late December.  If you feel led to give, please go to CCPalmHarbor.com to give online or drop your offering in the box at church.  Either way be sure to mark it KENYA 2013.

We are currently shopping for our flights.  <<GASP>>  While it is actually cheaper to purchase round trip tickets – we know that in essence – we are booking ONE WAY tickets. Our return date will be pushed out as far as possible so that we can change them to possible use for a trip home the end of the year.  I am still checking on how that works and making sure it wont effect our VISA applications.

We are soaking up as much family time as possible.  We had a great weekend starting with SATURDAY MORNING BREAKFAST.  I think it may have been the first one in a while that EVERYONE was present!  Then the guys did some work on the dreaded TO DO BEFORE THANKSGIVING list.  Then we all headed out in hopes of catching our grandson’s first baseball game.  Unfortunately it was canceled.  Too bad — Johnny had quite the band of fans lined up.  Great Grandparents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncle, Brothers, Sister, Parents….  yep….  we are serious fans and were armed with signs!

Sunday, after a wonderful time of worship and fellowship, we celebrated Ryan’s 30th Birthday.  YIKES!  And then last night we had a nice dinner with two of our girls.

We are so blessed.  Honestly – God is faithful to HIS Word and to HIS Promise to bless us and do exceedingly abundantly beyond anything we can think or imagine.