77 days…

So conversations are including more and more…  discussion of plans.  Vacations, arrivals of babies, business ventures, birthdays, ministry plans…  and the thing is….  they now go beyond January 3rd.  <<DEEP DEEP BREATH>>

I’ve been reading in Acts and the many times that God gives direction with just the first step or two.  I see how when those directions were obeyed – God did amazing and powerful things.  I see entire nations and peoples changed by the initial obedience of one man.  I don’t know what God is planning entirely, I really don’t know His plan much beyond getting on that plane – but He seems to be reminding me with every turn — He has a plan, He is in control and that He is faithful!

We have been so blessed by our Missions Class.  We have learned an awful lot and have been encouraged to see that God has already led us in the very steps that are recommended.

Our care team is forming.  The website is being worked on.  We will be purchasing tickets this week.  We are packing up and working on the house.  We are thinking of the things we need to take with us, and that which we will get there.  We are crossing things off the once long and daunting “to do” list.

God is lining up our PRAYER SUPPORT.  That is exciting to watch. As people commit to pray for us, I find myself filled with anticipation.  Especially as I read through Acts and see all that our Lord did with and through men and women who were simply available.  Our Home Fellowship is in Ephesians right now, I see that the very power that raised Jesus from the dead – is at work in me!  In Esther on Wednesday nights, we see God used a young Jewish woman’s circumstance and her obedience to save a nation. In Matthew on Sunday mornings, and as my son taught this weekend, I was reminded “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

I see all these reminders of GOD’s faithfulness and I find that in my deep breaths, that God is pulling me in closer and that I am growing more and more excited to see what HE has planned!

The countdown continues….


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