Catching up!

What a few weeks we’ve had…  they are going much too fast!

I had a chance to sneak away to the mountains with a dear friend.  Stopped and spent a little time with my very special Aunt & Uncle and cousin! The weather was crisp, the leaves were colorful and the time was refreshing. OH I am blessed. Sometimes I find myself catching my breath as God graciously unfolds His Love upon me!

Our Missions Class is wrapping up.  WOW – that has been a huge blessing, both in confirming and in teaching & equipping us.  I must say tho – the most impacting thing I have taken away from this class is this…  CHRISTIANS…. we are all missionaries and ought to keep that mindset in our daily pressing on!

We had an amazing bunch of friends come last weekend and work all day to help us knock a slew of projects off the daunting list.  I will confess it was hard to accept all the gracious gifts of time and effort and resources – very humbling and very overwhelming to receive such love.

I had my last official act as Women’s Leader.  I am so excited for what God has in store for the women of CCPH.  I know God is raising up, filling up and pouring out upon the precious, wonderful, loving women of this fellowship.  I pray much that God will continue to show Himself, to reveal Himself, to draw unto Himself, and to be glorified and lifted up in the ministry and lives in this little church.  I will miss my sisters so very very much!

This weekend was packed!  Started off with sweet early morning prayer with the ladies.  Then we headed to Johnny’s last baseball game.  But first we had Saturday morning breakfast at the park across the street!!!  That was wonderful and the weather was perfect.

Yesterday the whole brood headed out to the park after church and a quick lunch.  Just a few family pics…  I am sure we were a challenge but we sure had fun on this side of the camera…

Last night was one of the loveliest wedding showers I have ever attended.  It was small, intimate and just beautiful. A young woman I have watched grow from a little girl is getting married mid January. She has been a good friend to my daughter and her family has been close friends for many many years.  As one of the hostesses shared scripture and encouragement – my heart swelled.  We had opportunity to pray for Amy and while I am so disappointed I will not be here – I am filled with excitement for this wonderful celebration.  I am praying for my friends as they give the hand… and heart… of their little girl, and I am praying for that little girl as she walks down that aisle – a woman of grace and beauty.

We still have lots to do, lots to gather, lots of things to tend to…  but we are working on it and pressing on.  Still not real sure beyond stepping on the plane – but I am trusting the ONE Who knows it well and put it together long before.

We are still praying for regular supporters as well as those to help get the work moving.  If you feel led to be a part of this work…  a part of the outreach in Kenya…  please join us.  We know the Lord will bring many together to accomplish this plan of His — what amazes me — what astounds me in His allowing us to be a part — is the very fact He doesn’t need a single one of us!  OH PRAISE HIM!!!

IF you want to financially support this ministry – you can currently give online through   BE SURE TO MARK IT MISSIONS!

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