FOUR!!!! MORE!!!! WEEKS!!!!



It is true – we leave 4 weeks from YESTERDAY!  How how how is that possible?

God has graciously stirred an excitement in my spirit that I will admit I struggled to grasp onto.  I don’t know what all the Lord has in store for us but I am blessed beyond measure to be a small part of HIS plan and to KNOW that it WILL be more than I can think OR imagine!!!!

The list is getting shorter!!!  I am no longer adding faster than I am crossing off — THAT’s a good thing!

I have just a few more hours in the office and that — is by force.  The force — is limiting it to a few.  Didn’t really expect it to be so hard to leave that little cube!  I want to touch on that heartache some – but will wait for another post.  It’s been a while and I want to catch up some.

On a scale of 1-10, I was limited to a 4 for level of decorating for Christmas.  hmmm – only 1 tree, I didn’t change out pictures on the wall, decor on the shelves or even the dishes in the dining room…  so — I guess I followed the instructions.  Not sure how I feel about it.

I had some mama time with my boys the other night.  Is it just me or do you NEVER stop pointing your finger and saying, “now, don’t forget…. and be sure you…. and take care of….  and and and”.  I mean – they ARE 26 and 30 years old for goodness sake.  But – they graciously sat and listened…  of course… they were getting a pretty nice dinner out of it.

Boy – I am grateful.  I am literally filled with a joy that is indescribable.  I am so thankful to God for His faithfulness to hold fast to the hearts of my little boys and to raise them up to be men – real men of God.  I will ever pray and intercede for them – but oh – what joy that fills my soul!!!!  Ryan & Cory – you make your mama so very very proud!!!

Now – the girls want to know why I left them out.  Lots of remarks and suggestions – but somehow a motherly nod lets them know that it was MUCH to their advantage.

Have I mentioned how very much I thank God for the daughters He gave – to come up beside my boys????  Rachel and Elizabeth are so very much the little girls I began praying for some 27 years ago.  And I think the way they joined this family without skipping a beat is due to the fact that they have really ALWAYS been a part of the family that I would talk to Jesus about — day after day, month after month and year after year.

Now — my baby girl.  Kasi is doing good.  She started her new job today and is still praying very very much about a venture it would appear God is leading and directing steps for.  Kasi is my very best girlfriend in all the world.  I highly recommend raising your own.  She has become the very woman I pray to be like with I grow up!  I love her heart, I love her smile, I love her laughter, I love her compassion and gentleness, I love everything about her…  but I especially love that she is this amazing woman of God, trusting and following hard after HIM.

Kasi will be rooming with a good friend and will hold down the fort.  Please keep her in prayer as she follows closely the steps of her Lord!

We are excited about this coming month.  We have some SAULGOOD time planned and that NEVER disappoints.  A staycation on the agenda, Birthday parties, Christmas Parties, Dinner Parties, Family Game nights and a slew of dinners with friends.  It will be a great month, albeit a bit tearful.  We will remind one another that our LORD is good and faithful.  We will remind each other that HE has a perfect plan that will bring HIM great glory and honor and He is letting us all be a part!!! is just about done – thanks to Elizabeth!!!  She is finishing it up now.

Our home church – Calvary Chapel Palm Harbor – will be having a send off on December 30th after services.  You can check the website in the next week for more details.

Yep — it’s getting close.  Please continue to keep us in prayer.  I will be updating lots over the next month….  please check back!!!  You can choose to “FOLLOW” us and you will be notified of updates!

OH — we are still needing to raise support – both one time gifts (for getting over there and set up and for school) as well as monthly support.  For now you can give through CCPH and just mark it MISSIONS – KENYA.

Thanks for checking in and keeping us in your prayers!!!  

Keeping my eyes on HIM,  Kari




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