What in the world?

Well, we continue the countdown… Now at 18 days…. 

As our nation mourns the tragedy of outright evil, I am reminded of how very much our world needs Jesus.  And as we busy ourselves with the hustle of this season, I am going to bed tonight praying that the proclamations of Jesus as Lord that is heard in every store, on every station, oh Lord, unveil the very TRUTH of those words in the hearts of mankind.  We need a Savior and a Deliverer from this madness.  YOU are that One!! As we celebrate Your birth, may we know that You came to save us from our sins.  You are no longer in that manger….  You are no longer on the cross, but You sit at the right hand of God Almighty and that You hear the cries of those children who faced evil, himself, and that You are only waiting so that whosoever might believe on You, might be saved.  Your patience must be so nearly spent, how long oh LORD, how long?

My friend, do you know Him?  Do not delay, our redemption draws near.


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