Whoa – that’s pretty close!

With a million things to do – Randy and I found ourselves sitting here on the couch – alone in the house that we AND our family refer as “home”.  We are days from Christmas and the beginning of our SAULGOOD Staycation.  We are all pretty excited about that!  Just hanging home and together.  No real plans – other than to finish getting ready and packed, very specific menus, time for prayer together, playing with Christmas toys, laughing and enjoying the incredible gift of family God has blessed us with.

For a number of years our staff at church consisted of Pastor Brett, Pastor Jim and myself.  God has since added some wonderful people but for a long time it was just us – and together with our spouses – we had lots of opportunities to draw close.  Last night we had dinner together and I have to say — I so love these people.  They really have no idea how much they have touched and encouraged and spurred us on in our walk with Christ!  I pray for them much — that God will continue to pour out His Spirit and to use them much!

Tonight we have dinner with some special sweet friends and tomorrow will be our last night out with friends turned family and these times are more special than ever as we think about just how faithful and good our Father is.

We are taking in each moment and finding that the Lord is pulling back the curtain ever so slightly and stirring our anticipation of the next season that is fast approaching.

Our excitement has been mixed some today with painful news as close family friends find themselves facing a heartache and challenge as their new grandbaby – due in the Spring – has been diagnosed with Spina Bifida.  Please keep them in prayer.  Here’s their blog which already shouts — WE TRUST JESUS!!!!

It is my heart’s deepest prayer that each one reading this KNOWS my God and has tasted just how good HE IS!!!  If you do not have that assurance…  can I just strongly encourage you to not delay.  Call me if you have questions – I may not know all the answers but I know the ONE who does!!!

For those who DO KNOW HIM — while we are enjoying this house and family these upcoming days — and then anticipating placing our feet in Africa for a while — we are ABUNDANTLY aware that neither of these places are HOME — and that one day soon — our Lord will come with a SHOUT and will be leading us HOME and we will be with HIM forever…  does that just race your heart????  Oh it does mine!

Be blessed all!



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Love, Kari

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