WHAT????? say WHAT????

In one week — from this moment — we will be in route — flying over the Atlantic.

WOW…  I am not sure what to say.

Well to catch up, we had a wonderful Christmas, celebrating our LORD’s birth and the redemption story that began to unfold that starry night.

With extended family through out the day, our parents, siblings, cousins, nieces & nephews and of course our kids and grand kids…  we stuffed ourselves and exhausted ourselves, and then stuffed some more.

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Everyone has moved in and filled each room, toys for both the big and small are scattered around the house, the kitchen is overflowing and the chaos is the most precious gift…  now, I confess, I have already had to go to my room and remind myself of that ;;))).

Dinners are a highlight with very specific and special meals that were selected months ago.  Feta Bacon Burgers, French onion soup, Beer Cheese Soup, Grilled Chops w Wht BBQ sauce, Mojo Pork and  Pepper Steak w Orzo.  I know there are a couple other things but I can’t remember.


Last night was the official start, and Johnny, who helped with the schedule, started our devotion rotation.

God says that there is NO OTHER JOY than to see your children walk in Truth.  Oh how true that is.  Last night I sat at the dinner table as my 7 year old grandson shared “what God has been teaching him”.  Then he read from Psalm 139 and talked about how God always thinks about us and knows everything about us and what we do and where we go and that even one hour before He knew we would all be around the table reading those verses….    Oh Lord — keep revealing Yourself in great and marvelous ways!!!!

So – here we are — we have lots of packing to do yet and we are saying goodbyes.  God is stirring an excitement that comes straight from HIS HEART!!!!  And we are leaning into HIS arms with an anticipation of HIS GREAT PLAN!!!

Our sweet church family is having a “SEND OFF” this Sunday, the 30th, at Calvary Chapel Palm Harbor – following the second service.  Please join us if you are in the area, if not, please keep us in prayer as we worship and praise our LORD, share in a pot luck lunch and say goodbye to our family.


Please be sure to check on this post, our website and our FB page to keep up to date with this journey.  Continue to pray for us and for our family as we go through this transition.  And if you want to be a part of our team through prayer be sure to sign up on the link below and we will keep you updated on the prayer needs.


We are still in need of both “set up” and “monthly” support.  If you want to be apart of that support – please hit the link below…


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