In the harvest…

Which came first???

What a celebration an egg brings!! Yep, our first egg came on September 1st and the excitement of the guys was priceless!! Dancing, singing and praising God!! So much fun!,

And tonight…. We sold our first flat of eggs!! Bam!

These guys have worked so hard, not only on the project, but also in their spiritual walk!

Randy is now meeting with them every night, sharing scripture and praying together! Moses, the last to return from UTurn, has dramatically been transformed! His wife, Mary shared that “God had helped the family so much”, Moses now stays home at night and works around their home and for the first time in all their married life, when the kids needed school fees, he reached in his pocket, gave them what they needed and sent them back to school! He listens to the audio Bible every night and his entire countenance has changed! He is a brilliant trophy of God’s sweet redeeming grace!

Last night, Wilma visited me and told me that Meshack is reading the Bible every night and praying with her before they go to bed!! Hezborn, a new daddy, is constantly being encouraged to lean on Christ and walk for Him.

The guys desperately need your prayers. The struggle is real and it can be vicious! But when we were invited to Otara’s, the village supplier of the local brew, these guys didn’t know what to expect. Last night, as we all walked over there, we laid it on the line…. “Otara, you need Jesus”. We shared the Gospel and Randy prayed with him to receive Christ!!! Oh how we are praying!!! This is huge and will be a major testimony!! My women’s Thursday night study has focused much prayer for just this!! God is rescuing this village, one heart at a time!

This brings us to a need… Please be praying as this village needs a good Bible Teaching church!! We need a pastor! And as we continue to pray for God to raise someone up, we will begin again with a Bible Study on Sundays. We did this last year, but lost our location when we came back. Well…. God recently provided for us to build a car park for the car. This was necessary for several reasons, but now I see even more clearly… On Sundays, we will move the car out and the car park will now be our church!!! Can you stand it?? I know, right? God is just amazing!

I recently looked at discipleship in my quiet time. How God has called us to go and make disciples. This has been our focus since coming to Kenya, but now… After considering the impact of multiplication, the impact of making disciples who will make disciples who will make disciples… Yep, God is working the harvest for sure!



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