The Countdown Begins…

It’s hard to believe I will be traveling back to Nairobi in just over two weeks for my own airport run!! Oh yeah, grandkids and big kids… In my arms within the month!! To say I’m excited is an understatement!

I will head to Nairobi on the 27th, taking a flight on Oct. 2nd. Because of our class schedule, Ran will head back to Kisii on Monday and I will fly out on Thursday.

My flight goes through Atlanta. When I realized that, I had to plan to stop off to see my Aunt Bev. She is slowly recovering from a stroke she had six weeks ago. Her birthday is on the 4th, so I will be joining my parents to celebrate her birthday and then driving home on Sunday with them. Then… I will be filling my arms with little and big SaulGood children!

Randy will be flying home the week of Thanksgiving. He will return to Kenya Jan 1st with our friend Craig Esbolt. I will return January 20.

What’s the plan you ask? Well…. I’m glad you asked!

Firstly, to snag a phrase from some missionary friends, we are looking to develop our partnership!! We would (I would, based on the schedule) LOVE to share with you, your small groups, Home Fellowships, Bible studies or church, about the work here in Kenya and all God is doing. These two years have been an amazing adventure as we sought to trust and obey a God Who is faithful and mighty! Please, if you are in Canada or the US and if you want to schedule something, let us know!

Be watching for details of our “KENYA debrief”! We hope to see you there!

We will have a few needs while we are home, biggest of which will be transportation. Please join us in prayer for this and additional needs The Lord knows.

Please also pray much for Randy as he spends 6 weeks solo. The classes continue. The project continues. We’re adding Sunday church, and the preparations for him to be gone from here for 6 weeks will involve much. Pray for God to direct each step and to raise up those we need to watch over things.

So the countdown begins



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