The FIVE DAY Chicken Challenge!!!

So… On the tail of VBS at CCPH and the kids raising the money for 100 chicken!!!!! And as our guys in the village project complete the 5th Hen House…. Just waiting for hens… Here is a FIVE DAY CHICKEN CHALLENGE… Prompted and posed by our good friend Dave Negri….

FB post from Dave….

I heard that each hen is only $3.50 each. That’s great!

For every hen donated through face book I’ll match up to 100 hens.

And for every 1.00 donated for feed for the hens I’ll match up to 150.00

That’s within the next 5 days

Ok friends and family… The challenge is ON!!! And hey… Perhaps someone might want to pick up the match when it goes beyond Dave’s and we will fill ALL FIVE HOUSES!!!!

Here’s the link to give….

buying hens for Kenya


4 thoughts on “The FIVE DAY Chicken Challenge!!!

  1. I donated 10 today. Followed the link but not sure that it’s thru facebook. Hope it counts.
    Love you Kari & Randy!!

  2. This is Lori and Jon Cadogan , tried to buy 15 chickens today but would’nt go through ! Others have said they had problem too !!! I will take a check Sunday , be sure Dave gives you credit for match !!!! Love you guys !! What a cool project , praise God !! It’s so cool to see how mightily he is using our dear friends !!!

  3. Randy & Kari,

    This is exciting!!! We are in support of this project all the way! We don’t do Facebook, but we’d like to participate in Dave’s challenge & donate money to buy 30 chickens and $30 to feed each chicken. Can you please pass this on to him and the others who are participating in the challenge?

    We love you guys!

    Greg & Linda Schwemley

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