Leave it to the children….

One of our main focuses here in the village is the HEN HOUSE project.

Over the years God has warmed our hearts with the sincerity of some of the men here. These men seemed always to support us. They helped with runs to the river to fill our water tanks. They helped with story time with the children. And they came to our Bible Study. Albeit… A few times they came, even to Bible Study, more than a little intoxicated.

Randy continued to teach the Word and encourage them.

Well over the last 4 months, 3 of the men have come to us asking for help. They wanted to stop drinking realizing how it was ruining their lives and with over 225 people through out Kenya having died in the last 4 months by drinking the “village brew”, they were ready.

Randy had told them over and over they could not do it without the help of Jesus. So, when they came asking for help, we immediately sent them to a program called UTurn for Christ.

Well, two of these men have returned… Changed men!!!

And, they have returned to the village with hope! First, and foremost, HOPE in Christ! And through HIM, they have a hope of work and provision for their family and a daily job that keeps them busy… And keeps them in the Word!!!

The HEN PROJECT is an evolving and growing project where they now have three houses and are working on two more. The houses will house egg laying hens. The first house has 100 hens that should begin laying in the next two weeks!!!

My husband is ambitious and plans to add 250-300 hens at a time, filling each house. The men are beginning to secure the market for our eggs and they are so encouraged. You see it… In them, their enthusiasm, their work, in their wives, their children, even in the villagers. They see the change and the guys, well knowing, are telling them it’s Jesus!!

Well since I’m the one counting the pennies, I’ve been so nervous as Randy makes these plans, prays over them with the men, all along, I have the same sense as I did in raising my kids. I wanted them to know the power of prayer in their lives. And we prayed about everything. But when asking for something, I always inhaled deeply… Oh Lord, please!

Randy has been saying for weeks, as we scrape for even gas money, “don’t worry, God will provide!”

Well, last week I heard from my friend Jennifer from our Home church. She and another friend, Raquel, are heading up VBS this week and they’ve adopted us as their mission and the kids are raising money for hens!!!!!! After three days of collecting…. They have raised enough for 74 hens!!!! Say what??? Leave it to the kids!

This morning I shared that with the guys. They were stunned! They were humbled… “Kids are doing that? If the children can help us, what can we do for others?”

“Exactly”, says Randy! Part of the plan with the eggs is to send a portion to the Somalia refugee camps and to give these guys the opportunity to experience in a real way… It is better to give than to receive!

Please keep this all in prayer and join us in praising God for providing and for using these children back home to impact the men here in Kisii!







1 thought on “Leave it to the children….

  1. So good to hear from you and see how the Lord is working here and there!! be well and be Blessed my friend.

    Kathleen Murdock
    Manager Market Development
    HCR ManorCare
    Cell 727-215-2298
    Efax 727-231-8072

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