God directs the river’s water, God directs our steps…

The Nile River at 30,000 feet…


A Quick Report on a couple BUSY DAYS…

So – this week we went to meet with Pastor Art Dykstra.  He is the missions pastor at CC St Pete.  I was a little nervous and there was a side of me that expected him to say, “what? are you crazy?”.  Honestly, I had considered how I was going to encourage Randy after we left – as I was just certain we might hear hard caution, resistance and whoa’s. 

Please note this in no way is a reflection on Pastor Art – it’s a reflection on this middle aged, deep rooted Floridian couple considering a call “they heard from God”. 

Well – I sat there quietly (believe it or not) as Randy shared all that God has done.  Art asked a few questions that would prompt another vein of thought and remembrance of how God has revealed Himself and shown Himself and has whispered in his ear. 

A bit to my surprise – Art was more supportive, more encouraging, more confirming than I really ever expected or could have asked.  And just as we were finishing up… in walks Pastor Andy Falleur and Josh Gilman from Ottawa, who finished us up with prayer.  We have had the sweet privilege to be a part of his ministry in Ottawa through much prayer over the years, along with lending him our son and his family for a year. 

Today, we spoke with Pastor Jeff Jackson with Shepherd Staff, the missionary facilitator we were recommended to align with.  Over an hour conversation, ending in a sweet prayer that honors the GOD that would allow us to be a part of His work. 

This evening, Randy spoke with Pastor Dan Finfrock, the founder of Intensive Care Ministries and developer of the IBS – Inductive Bible Study, that Randy used this past visit to Kisii.  Dan invited him to join him on a trip to Cape Haitian where he is doing an IBS Seminar.  This is particularly special as Cape Haitian is where my dad has had a ministry for over 35 years.  Randy has always wanted to go there and see the work that God has done.  This trip is in September and we are praying about the opportunity. 

Of course our own Pastor Brett continues to give counsel and encouragement along this rather fast moving path and helps in keeping our focus on Christ as so much is happening so quickly. 

One by one, God is placing godly men and women, who love Jesus, are committed to Him and His kingdom to confirm this call. 

It continues to blow my mind.  It continues to take my breath. It continues to deepen my faith. 

I do so love the Mighty God I serve.

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