OK…. here’s the deal (A post from Randy)

PART ONE – the beginning

In 2008 I went on a short-term Mission trip to Peru with a team from Calvary Chapel Palm Harbor led by the one and only Jim Nelson. It was a great trip and we accomplished great things. We met some wonderful people and had some really strange meals. All in all we were truly blessed. Upon returning to the states I began to think that how cool would it be to get involved with a Mission that you could truly become part of people’s lives. I remember praying almost in a joking way “God if you ever wanted to use me in mission work— I’ll do it!” That was four years ago!

In the meantime God has sent me three times to Kisii, Kenya. The first time by myself with no real plan except to encourage 2 young Pastor’s that I met through Bible Senders. I told them about my Church and how we study the Bible chapter by chapter and verse by verse. Nothing more! They were intrigued and wanted some guidance. Two more visits with Inductive Bible Studies and Discipleship and I’m thinking this is cool. This is what I had in mind. A trip to Kenya every year to encourage and help how I could (and maybe a Safari or two). I was thinking God answered my prayer. I built a few relationships and all was good…. Then, this past trip in the midst of Inductive Bible Study with 8 Pastors and leaders we had a session in which I was just watching these guys digging into the word and having great conversation about the text we were studying when an overwhelming feeling came over me. It was like nothing I’ve ever felt. Excitement and emotion all at once. I literally began to sob uncontrollably (if you know me you shouldn’t be surprised since I cry  at McDonald’s commercials ). All of a sudden it got real quiet and these guys were looking at me like I was crazy! I felt crazy! The next Saturday at Story Time with about 20 village kids it happened again. I knew then that the Holy Spirit was prompting something more… a lot more…. One morning I was taking my morning walk The Lord spoke to me as never before, not audibly, but his voice clear. He was telling me that in order to accomplish what He has for me to do it will take more than a few weeks or months each year. He reminded me of the prayer I said “jokingly” four years ago. How could I argue? Be careful what you PRAY for…Right??!!!

So here we are— 24 weeks from heading to Kenya for who knows how long. Pray for us, it will be hard leaving behind family and friends but I must tell you – God has given us an AMAZING peace going forward.

The tables have turned a little. Instead of going to Kisii to visit for a couple of months a year, God willing, we’ll be coming home to visit. Pray for us in all of this.

Next up – PART TWO – the mission

1 thought on “OK…. here’s the deal (A post from Randy)

  1. God is so gracious to make clear to us His will if we would only listen. God give us ears to hear You, and equip us with the desire to obey. That was such a wonderful testimony about how He works!

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