Missions Application — CHECK


Another deep breath as we continue these steps in faith….  We have submitted our applications to Shepherd Staff Mission Facilitators.

God willing as we seek HIS plan – we will be leaving the states in about 27 weeks.  We have a LOT to do, to accomplish, to go through…  and honestly, it’s a bit overwhelming. So we have sat down and tried to make a plan to accomplish everything in a timely fashion that doesn’t leave us crazy in our last month which happens to also be the holidays.

SO – I’ve decided to ask your prayers.  I thought I would take you along with us on the journey here and each week ask your specific prayers on the things we need to accomplish.

We can not express how vital your prayers are to this mission and – it’s mine – that God will bind our hearts through your prayers in our preparations, that when we do go – you will be strongly conditioned to be praying for us regularly!

1.  I must finish a bookkeeping task at church (numbers make my brain hurt)
2.  We will begin clearing out, purging and otherwise weeding through the family room and living room of our 30 years together. (a “keep, give away, trash” type task)
3.  Please pray as I also begin this week leading a 7 week study on GOD’S WAY (perhaps HIS perfect timing just for me!!!)
4.  Pray as Randy begins a LONG list of people to contact and also works on one looming piece of business that we very much need God’s favor on.
5.  Pray that we will acknowledge HIM in every step, every day – knowing that HE will direct our path.  (this will be our constant prayer)

This list could easily go on and on – but I tried to list those things that are heaviest on our minds and hearts.

Keep us accountable – and I will let you know how we do!

Pressing on to the goal – that higher calling of our LORD!

1 thought on “Missions Application — CHECK

  1. God Bless you Kari and Randy. I am still in awe at this undertaking. I know God will take care and lead you through every step and know that you, Randy, and this mission is all in God’s hands and HE will see it through. Love you both and many prayers will be prayed for this endeavor. Rest in HIm.

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