the change of seasons… the story continues…


Well – it would seem the seasons truly are changing… the pages really are turning…

We have NEWS in the SaulGood camp… some you may already know…

Kasi has graduated from Calvary Chapel Bible College in California and has returned home and is awaiting God’s direction in the next chapter of her life as she seeks to serve HIM wherever she can.

Cory & Elizabeth are settling into their new home and their new life and are enjoying the chapter of newlyweds.  Only 4 months married and it is as though Elizabeth has always been a part of this crazy family.  What a blessing!

Ryan & Rachel are expanding… with news of #4 joining the clan in February 2013!!  Ryan is now on staff at Calvary as an Assistant Pastor, and Rachel, well, she’s kinda busy.

Johnny, Ruth and Levi continue to capture all our hearts and watching this next generation is more blessing than anyone deserves!  I could go pages and pages here but I will direct you to facebook with this one – it’s complete with pictures… and pictures… and more pictures.

In the initial post of this blog… the change of seasons…  I shared what God had been doing in mine and Randy’s hearts towards Kenya.  If you didn’t read that you might want to go back to catch up a little here…

… continuing THAT post…  God did provide and Randy did return to Kenya for 2 months this past March.  I joined him for the last 2 weeks.  While he was there Randy discipled 8 young men, teaching them Inductive Bible Study Methods and spending 6 hours a day / 3 days a week studying, praying and searching the scriptures.  During this time he had many other men ask to be a part and asked if they, too, could be taught to study the Word.

That served as confirmation for Randy that God is calling for more in Kisii. There is a great hunger for God’s Word, a great desire to know how to study His Word and to grow in Christ.  There is a need for discipleship and training.  There is a need for encouragement in the WORD.

After much prayer and with much counsel, we have found ourselves expecting to move forward with desires we know God has put in our hearts.

We are still praying and planning but are looking at returning after the first of the year.  It has been strongly recommended that we attend a language and cultural program which is about 6 months.  The program recommended is in Nairobi and begins mid January.  Beyond that we are not yet sure how this will all unfold and what this is going to actually end up looking like.  We are prepared for a commitment of whatever it is God asks.  At this point we are thinking 3-5 years.  Again, we don’t know how this will look exactly and we are praying much.

Our desire is to see a pastor/leader training program in Kisii.  We can see a ministry/mission training program somehow weaved into this, bringing, perhaps, Bible College graduates desiring to train for missions, committing to a year, raising their own support and being a part of the pastor training.

We also want to see a deeper Biblical training happening with the students at the orphanage.  Beyond that we are simply looking to the Lord for HIS direction.

In the mean time and over the next 6 months, we will need to take care of many details.  We will need to raise support and align ourselves with some missionary management resources.  We will need to do some liquidating and some storing of things.  And, we will need to prepare for this “adventure” in several ways.

We ask that you join us in prayer… ask God to continue to confirm HIS leading!  Ask God to equip us for this next season of our life.  Ask God to go before us and pave the way in every detail.  Ask God to be transforming our hearts more and more into His image so our eyes are fixed on HIM.

God has blessed me and Randy beyond measure!  When we look back and see the faithfulness of our God and how HIS Hand is seen in every corner along the way through the 31 years of our life together…  we honestly find ourselves catching our breath.

And it is because of how clearly we have seen HIS faithfulness looking back – that we now find ourselves looking ahead with great expectation and tremendous trust of what HE has for us and what HE will allow us to be a part of.

So – lots will be happening quickly and I will try to keep this blog updated.

We thank you for your prayers!

Walking in faith…

Randy & Kari

1 thought on “the change of seasons… the story continues…

  1. Wow……Kari, just read this and went back to read more in order to catch up. Will be praying indeed. Gotta put a visit to you on the top of my list before you go so far away!! oxox shelly

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