The GARAGE Church… aka… Car Park Kanisa




I leave in 2 weeks and for the first time, really, since coming to Kenya, am feeling torn.

You see, I watched God do something today that moved me to tears and a state of being speechless.

This week, after visiting a family in the village, praying with them for salvation, we felt we could no longer wait for a church in the village. We felt God telling us – it is time! One of our guys made the suggestion of using our car park – the garage. PERFECT!!!!

So, we began to invite our neighbors and Randy prayed about what to teach. He decided on Acts.

Today – after moving out the car, taking every stool, chair and bench we could find – we had 42 people come for church!!!! One by one they came. We would shift, kids moving to the ground, some sitting on laps, through out the morning we kept making room. I have to tell you, at one point gasped with an absolute amazement of what God was doing.

Randy gave an introduction to the book of Acts. He shared the love of God shown
through Jesus and His gift of salvation. And then I shared just a little, thanking them for coming and sharing my excitement. We told them how much God loved them and how HE was going to do beyond what we or they could think or imagine. I then asked if anyone wanted to share a testimony… “tell us what God has done in your life this week”.

I was not prepared. First, Moses got up. Moses is from our HP (Hen Project) and is the one we have seen the most dramatic transformation. He’s a soft spoken man of few words. But he had words today. “This Book works!” He proclaimed as he held up his Bible. He shared of his struggle with the
brew and how it had ruined his life. Then he shared how Jesus had saved him and how He had changed his life. I stood there watching his wife’s reaction and it was nothing short of agreeing praise!

Then Meshack got up, and he too testified to what Jesus had and is doing, sharing how he always thought he knew Jesus, “but now”, as he too, held up his Bible, “I am knowing Him!”

After that, Otara got up. “You all know me. I have been selling brew for years, my wife and I .” He went on to tell of Randy and I visiting this week and how he had prayed to Jesus. He said he doesn’t want to sell brew or drink anymore.

THEN – Grace, Otara’s wife, jumped up to follow and started with a song. She said that God had done a miracle in her home this week. I watched her oldest teenaged daughter watching her mother as she spoke. With a sweet smile, I could see in her eyes that she had seen the change herself.

The worship was simple and so so sweet. I stood in the back, outside actually, looking into this garage full of people, people who have been rejected and cast aside because of the chains that bound them. And as though it was being played out before my eyes, I heard the voice of the Lord tell me, “ I’ve come to set the captives free!”

Please join us in praising God and calling on Him to, indeed, do beyond what we can think or imagine…. For HIS glory…. In the sweet people of Kebabe and the new Garage Church!

1 thought on “The GARAGE Church… aka… Car Park Kanisa

  1. Ever since I read this post, my heart has been stirred with Meshack’s comment, “But now… I am knowing Him!” As I’ve gripped the Word since last week, I’ve prayed for us to say the same. May our pursuit be relentless, endless, and reliant on our Jesus, in a constant present tense today.
    Praise God for this encouragement!

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