SMILE!! ;))

One of the things our village friends love to do is take pictures. “Take me a foto!” they ask in their broken English. ( By the way, they have learned MUCH more English than I have Swahili!)

When we first got here they would ask for the picture. They would look at my phone or camera and expect me to give that picture to them. Now they know that’s not possible. But I have printed a few through the year and presented a small picture that absolutely LIGHTS their eyes.

This week, after being asked to take a picture, I announced that on Thursday I would bring out my camera and everyone was to gather their families and get dressed for pictures. THIS was a BLAST!!! They had so much fun! There were lots of laughter and lots of posing and lots of smiles. And THAT’s a big deal. Africans don’t smile for pictures. We call it “stone face”. But you know me… SMILE!!!!!

Well, here are a few of the photos from that day… and I can NOT wait to get some of them printed and bless these sweet people with a small gift such as a 8 cent picture!

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