Let me stand…

It’s been a tough week… I’m not gonna lie… And as I hear this old Rich Mullins song…

So if I stand let me stand on the promise that you will pull me through.

And if I can’t let me fall on the grace That first brought me to You

And if I sing let me sing for the joy That has born in me these songs

And if I weep let it be as a man Who is longing for his home

It pretty much sums up my heart this week.

I felt it growing despite my cries to my Strength. As is my mode, I began pulling in and not until we were praying Friday morning, as we both broke before the Throne… casting our cares, surrendering our pain, our family, our inadequacies, our fears, not until that moment did I realize Randy, too, was struggling.

My pastor asked me when I was home, sharing with him about the work here, “what makes it different there?” Well, I now know the answer… Really know the answer. THIS is where, for now, the good works that have been set apart for us to do…. ARE.

The schedule this term is hectic… Long and taxing…. And today is our longest day.

We woke at 4am to prepare chai and be out the door by 5am. We have a 3 hour drive to our class in Narok. Pitch black and still the roads are filled with people walking. Not just in towns, along the highways and out in the middle of nowhere.

We pass towns lined with dukas, a wooden lean to, filled with their wares. Duka after Duka, all selling the same thing. If there are speed bumps in front they will brave the streets displaying their goods as you manage across the foot and half high bump.

The morning was beautiful and we watched the sun seeming to strain in its appearance behind the cloud filled sky. The mountains were more beautiful than I seem to recall. We traveled through Maasai land and I’m always struct by the men and women in their traditional shukas with their brilliant colors.

We’ve been with more than 4 tribes this week, the Luo in Kendu Bay, Gusii in Kisii, Maasai in Narok and a mixture in Kilgoris in the Trans Mara. Finding, in each area, men and women who are hungry for God’s Word.

Through the years Randy and I have come to love His Truth. We have tasted and seen just how good our God is. We have tried Him and seen, with overwhelming show, HIS faithfulness. So this week God has shown His grace and has allowed me to fall on it. Tomorrow, I will wake to stand, stand on His promise that He will see me through!

3 thoughts on “Let me stand…

  1. That was a beautiful post Kari. I’m praying for you and Randy. My thoughts are with you often, especially when I’m at church. I miss you. Keep following His plans for you, such wonderful things are happening in Kenya.
    Lots of love,

    • Kari, we women, before Wed. service last night, had intense prayer for you, Randy and the ministry. Be strengthened and encouraged, my friend.

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