Well, I have a really busy week and needed this weekend’s message so much, I listened three times!  I WILL TRUST IN GOD!!!!  Oh Lord, I believe…. help me in my unbelief. YOU will move my mountains and YOU, Oh Lord are sufficient for EVERYTHING I NEED!!!!!


Just a few things I would like to ask your prayers on….


1)  Randy is en-route to Haiti.  He is going down there with Dan Finfrock, the founder and director of ICM and the Inductive Bible Study material Randy has used with our friends in Kisii.  He’s pretty excited, to say the least.  Please keep them in prayer, keep the seminar in prayer, keep those attending in prayer.


2)  We have our Fall Women’s Conference this coming weekend!  PLEASE be in prayer as we do the final preparations this week, that we will keep that ONE necessary thing – the necessary thing!!!  We have Cheryl Brodersen coming to teach and share with us and we are pretty excited.  Wendy Hodges and our own Holly Robinson will also be sharing.  We have a worship team coming from both CC St. Pete AND CC South Orlando!!!  Please pray that every detail, every step, every song, every word, every woman, every heart’s response would be EXACTLY as God would desire!!!!


3)  Randy & I also start this week – a missions class – that we are pretty excited about.  Pray for that, won’t you?


4)  This week marks the page turn…  the time that we shift gears and really press towards this change of seasons.  We both have responsibilities that have or will finish up this week.  I have taught my last Bible Study series at CCPH for this season. That’s been hard.  I’ve been so blessed these 12 years, every Thursday night (for the last 6) and a few semesters with Friday mornings too…  We’ve studied Ephesians, 1 Peter, Titus, Colossians, Galatians, the prayers of Paul, a Journey of Discipleship, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Living by the sufficiency of God, God’s Grace, Counseling God’s Way, Counsel God’s Way and God’s Way (those three were easy – I just changed the name), Jude, Revelation and probably some I’m sure I can’t remember. I have some ladies that have been there through it all too!!  It’s hard NOT to feel sad somewhat.  I’ve traveled the depth of God’s sweetest WELLS with these ladies…  together we have tasted and seen just how good HE is – our Fountain of LIVING WATER.  You don’t experience that without a knitting of your hearts together with HIS.  I do love this precious group of women God has blessed me with over these years.


There’s is also – believe it or not – a little change in the weather.  That has ALWAYS signaled ONE thing in my house…. FOOTBALL!!!!  I think in the last 23 years – maybe 2 years passed where we didn’t either have boys playing or Randy coaching.  And Ran’s been coaching pretty constant for the last 10-12 years.  We’ve had no two a days, no playbooks, no game films – and if I hadn’t felt that slight change in the weather – I probably wouldn’t have even known it was time!


SO – this is the first fall in a long LONG time that I wasn’t starting a new Bible Study and Randy wasn’t coaching Football.  Pray that as we turn this page, as we scoot to the edge of our seat in anticipation of God’s next Play Call, that NOTHING will move us from our purposed heart to obey and follow Jesus with our all.


Be blessed!!!!


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